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Dillon Kearns
elm-pages, elm-graphql, Incremental Elm Consulting
Jeroen Engels
elm-review, @Humio


We discuss the fundamentals of elm-ui, and how to decide if it's the right fit for your team.
The Builder Pattern
We discuss the tradeoffs of using the builder pattern and how to get started with it.
Extending Elm
We discuss what Elm is intended for, techniques for going beyond that, and how to make tools nice to use when you do.
We discuss parsers, how to build them in Elm, and how to try to make your error messages as nice as Elm's.
How (And When) to Publish a Package
We cover the mechanics of publishing your first Elm package. Best practices for making a great package, and how to learn the API design skills to build great tools.
JSON Decoders
We discuss the basics of JSON Decoders, benefits compared to JSON in JavaScript, best practices, and how to get started learning.
Getting started with elm-review
elm-review lets you extend guarantees that Elm provides before running your code, by inspecting your project with custom rules that you write in pure Elm!
Intro to Opaque Types
Opaque Types are a fancy way of saying "custom type with a private constructor." We talk about the basics, how to get started, and some patterns for using Opaque Types.
Getting started with elm-pages
elm-pages lets you build fast, SEO-friendly static sites with pure Elm. We go over the core concepts, explain Static Sites vs. JAMstack, and give some resources for getting started with elm-pages.