elm-pages hydrates into a full Elm app. It solves similar problems to what GatsbyJS solves in the ReactJS ecosystem.

Static site generators with JS-free output

Meta Tags

Open Graph tags

Asset management with elm-pages (CSS vs. SASS,etc.)

Github issue discussing using the Unix Toolchain Philosophy in the context of keeping elm-pages focused on primitive assets for elm apps

Compared to extending the Gatsby webpack config

SOLID Open-Closed Principle

elm-pages showcase

Chandu's art showcase (built with elm-pages) -

Headless CMSes vs. monolothic site providers

CDN hosting provider Netlify

Static Site Generators and The JAMstack - static site builder in Ruby - perhaps the first static site generator?
Eleventy - spritual successor to Jekyll - but more flexible
More info on what exactly is the JAMstack?

Getting started with elm-pages

elm-pages-starter repo

elm-pages vs. elm/browser


The elm-pages StaticHttp API

StaticHttp Docs (there's a description of when and why you would use this compared to elm/http) blog post A is for API - talks about StaticHttp and its lifecycle, including some example code.

Core Concepts

Incremental Elm Live - Twitch streaming series

Where to learn more

  • Join the Elm slack and say hello in the elm-pages channel!